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New story on Kindle Vella!

Backstage at The One-99: Olivia Maxwell lives for the weekends. Her aunt owns a club called The One-99, and in exchange for working there, Liv gets full access backstage to hang with the bands. Every show is a thrilling chance to feel alive. But during the week, she has to lay low at her new high school and keep parts of her life a secret or the bullying will start. Again. Liv’s gotten good at being invisible. But Wes Cooper is new in school too, and he has a knack for seeing what others can’t.

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Come Home, Cowboy

Buy this sweet contemporary romance today! Come Home, Cowboy has fun romcom vibes and a whole lot of heart. Read it alone, or with the other four books in the Wyle Away series.

Elsa Nickle and I teamed up to tell a heart-warming story about sacrifice, redemption, and love. There are also laugh-out-loud moments and a fun fake relationship that turns into the real deal.

Other authors in the series: USA Today bestselling author Janette Rallison, Torsha Baker, Melinda Carroll, and international bestselling author Kelly Oram. (And yeah, their books are amazing. Don’t believe me? Check the reviews!)