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Hazel might be falling for the boy next door, and the timing couldn’t be worse—because she just hired a fake boyfriend.

Hazel grew up with a flaky mom, a bunch of different dads, and a whole lotta baggage. She’s avoided romantic love like it’s old fruitcake—so despite overseeing countless epic romances as a professional stage manager, Hazel doesn’t know what it feels like to be in love.

Now her grandma is dying, and all the sweet old woman wants is for her granddaughters to be in caring, stable relationships. Hazel will do anything to make sure her grandma’s last Christmas is perfect.

Cue the fake boyfriend.

Hazel’s shows always run smoothly due to her air-tight plans and schedules, but this one threatens to fall apart when her fake boyfriend goes off-script and shines a spotlight on Hazel’s terrible improvising skills. It doesn’t help that Grandma’s handsome neighbor, Matt Thatcher, is focusing so closely on Hazel’s new relationship. His attention makes Hazel feel things she’s never felt before.

It’s terribly distracting.

But the show must go on for Grandma’s sake, so Hazel’s gotta learn to improvise her way through this farce until she figures out if she’s in a love story … or a tragedy.

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Backstage at The One-99: Olivia Maxwell lives for the weekends. Her aunt owns a club called The One-99, and in exchange for working there, Liv gets full access backstage to hang with the bands. Every show is a thrilling chance to feel alive. But during the week, she has to lay low at her new high school and keep parts of her life a secret or the bullying will start. Again. Liv’s gotten good at being invisible. But Wes Cooper is new in school too, and he has a knack for seeing what others can’t.

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Come Home, Cowboy

Buy this sweet contemporary romance today! Come Home, Cowboy has fun romcom vibes and a whole lot of heart. Read it alone, or with the other four books in the Wyle Away series.

Elsa Nickle and I teamed up to tell a heart-warming story about sacrifice, redemption, and love. There are also laugh-out-loud moments and a fun fake relationship that turns into the real deal.

Other authors in the series: USA Today bestselling author Janette Rallison, Torsha Baker, Melinda Carroll, and international bestselling author Kelly Oram. (And yeah, their books are amazing. Don’t believe me? Check the reviews!)